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Welcome to the MTS Recovery Gallery. Purpose of this page is to give an overview of the many jobs MTS Complete daily. Pictures are shown in a 'Carousel Slideshow' Format, and underneath each slideshow is a brief description of the work completed. Hovering mouse above a photograph, pauses that photograph to allow closer inspection. Moving mouse off that photograph sets the carousel moving again. After viewing Carousel you can move down the page or click on 'Back to Top' link to jump straight to Top of Page.


A811 - Near Buchlyvie

This Whiskey tanker left the road and rolled over on the A811 near Buchlyvie, it had 33000litres of spirit onboard. We liased with the emergency services, the operator and the owner of the load and awaited the road to be closed. We then rigged our equipment and winched the casualty to the edge of the field we re-rigged equipment and ran tank strops to turn the vehicle back on to its wheels, we then secured the vehicle further to allow the product to be transferred to another tanker. We then lifted the truck and trailer back on to the road and recovered onward to the repairer.

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Skinflats, Falkirk to Kincardine Road

One very Icy morning, one very unlucky driver, this one slid off a farm road at Skinflats, rolling over and resting on a bush, we positioned the rotator alongside and rigged our equipment to lift and roll the vehicle back onto its wheels, we then winched it forward while rotating the crane to allow the truck to come back out of the ditch, no further damage and minor original damaged allowed the vehicle to carry on with its days work

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Glen Ogle

This Slovakian moved over to allow another artic to come down through Glen Ogle, his n/s wheels went into soft ground and pulled him down the banking, we rigged the first vehicle to stop the trailer rolling and also winch rearwards, the other vehicle sat alongside and side winched the unit back on to the road

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This Cement mixer overturned near Glasgow, We used our Sliding Rotator to lift with 2 tanker strops round the drum then our 20t Slider to winch over completely, it was fully loaded and the concrete had went hard in the drum.

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M80 - Overhead Gantry

The driver of this vehicle had not noticed that his tipper body was still elevated as he drove down the M80, he struck a sign gantry which sheared the mounting bolts leaving the body wedged under the gantry, The car in the picture had then run into the back of the body, the gantry was that badly damaged that it had to be completely removed from the motorway.

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